Business Development for Impact

Listen-evolve supports impact organisations amplify their impact by digitising operations and overcoming complexities in structure and strategy. We offer tech-enabled business performance consultancy leveraging the power of data analytics and systems automation to create productivity and unlock change

Leverage the power of data analytics and systems automation

Strategy alignment

Three words keep coming up every time we ask managers why strategy fails; “Direction, Leadership and Execution”. Our strategy specialists - all certified theory of change professionals – provide structured support to help organisations define a winning growth vision, choose a winning strategy and align strategy and operations.

80% of the differences between organizations’ performance can be explained by their level of strategic alignment.

Through the making growth program Listen-evolve works with organisations to stop chasing growth, commit to a compelling vision, and set up operating systems that support execution.

Digitalisation strategy

Work with Uganda’s most developed digital transformation catalyzer to de-risk your organisation’s digitalisation strategy. Extend your reach to the most underserved segments of society by leverage the amplifier potential of new Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, AI technologies.

The enterprise that does not innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present the decline will be fast. Peter Drucker

Our Go-digital catalyst incubates and structures your team throughout the most crucial stages of your digital transition. Recent studies show that Successful digital transformation is not merely about technology but rather properly guided business strategy with a well-thought long-term vision for future of your organization.

Business performance consultancy

Harness the power of analytics, automation and data-driven strategy and automation to streamline your business operations and increase productivity across key business units. Listen-evolve’s niche is applying technology, data and simple rules of strategy to solve complex business productivity problems.

Having a strategy has no real effect on the performance of your business. It’s aligning your activities to your strategies that makes the difference

Work with our certified consultants to address persistent business with simple tech-driven solutions. Our business performance services focus on 5 key performance areas: sales and revenue optimisation, supply chain management, team performance management, strategy and operations alignment

Resource mobilisation strategy

From building donor engagement databases to upgrading financial management and operations policies, Listen-evolve’s commitment to helping impact enterprises and NGOs mobilise resources for change is ever growing.

It is not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how much it works for you, and how many generations you keep if for Robert Kiyosaki

We believe that successful resource mobilisation goes beyond writing good proposals and knowing ‘good funders’. Our work encompasses pivotal conversations around impact measurement and communication, partner engagement, revenue generation, and building internal credibility.

Building a resource mobilisation strategy for your organisation?

Take us along your journey

Communications research and strategy

As an impact organisation, your media coverage does not have to be earned with far-fetched stories as is the norm in today’s noisy world. Your organisation needs a voice – a unique voice and listening ear committed to the value that stakeholders associate with your brand.

A unique voice and listening ear committed to your brand's values

Listen-evolve helps NGOs and corporate clients take control of their messaging through a blend of PR Management, digital strategy and marketing communications services. Beyond strategy, we offer excellent multi-media production services through the Market Nerve studio.

Our sectors of focus

We support organizations championing the realization of sustainable development goals. Our work and business development innovations reach businesses creating positive social impacts in the following sectors.

  • Agribusiness and food security: Enterprises offering solutions contributing to SDG 1 and 2.These include; agritech companies, cold storage providers, market linkage platforms, modern farms, organised cooperatives, and other value addition providers

  • Blue economy: SMEs and other organisations contributing to SDG 14 “Life below water”. These include; aquaculture services, eco-tourism companies, waste management solutions and other ecosystem protection initiatives

  • Education: Enterprises offering solutions in sustainable housing

  • Healthcare: Enterprises offering solutions in sustainable housing

  • Financial Inclusion: Enterprises such as Fintechs, online payment and digital wallets, delivery services, and inclusive money transfer solutions championing the realisation of SDG 9 “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation”

  • Local Infrastructure: Enterprises and investments catalysing access to sustainable local infrastructure including; digital marketplaces, inclusive communications services, sustainable transport, and more!

  • Renewable Energy: Innovative enterprises contributing to SDG 7 “Affordable and clean energy”. This includes organisations offering solar off grid services, mini-grid developers, IOT providers, biogas companies, thermal and wind technology companies, gasification initiatives, and more!

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