Go to Market Strategy

Listen-evolve supports impact enterprises build innovative business models and commercialise products within well-profiled markets. With the Listen-evolve go to market sprint, organisations can work with us to do much more than finding the right business model for the right markets.

...more than finding the right business model for the right markets

Market opportunity assessments

Actionable market insights to supercharge your organisation’s growth strategy and redefine value for your customers and industry. Whether your goal is to capture market share, launch a new product or simply restructure operations, we are here to make that vision happen.

Research is your ear to the ground, helping you objectively evaluate opportunities for differentiation. Hinge Marketing

Our specialisation is data for making growth; insights on market trends, customer needs, and drivers of profitability to set your organisation part from the crowd of distracted competitors.

We are committed to shaping your company’s future through data. Don’t build a vision alone.

Take us along with you, today.

Target identification for Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions and mergers are about multiplying the power to create new value and capture new opportunities.

When you differentiate your firm, you – by definition - have to let something go. So say goodbye to serving up a full range of services to a full range of audiences. That’s the rampant non-strategy that created this mess in the first place. Hinge Marketing

We offer a one-stop center for all your merger and acquisitions planning and due diligence needs; profiling market opportunities, studying business ecosystems, identifying ideal acquisition targets, and developing viable business roadmaps.

Are you a multi-national organisation looking to extend your footprint in emerging African markets?

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Product commercialisation and go to market strategy

Launch a new product in the right target market with a strategy built for effective market penetration, cost-effective distribution, and concrete long-term value.

Product commercialization with Listen-evolve is about answering the simplest questions; where to sell the product, what customer groups to prioritise, and how to sell the product effectively.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

These questions are easy to ignore, but that is why many companies fail to commercialize new business successfully. Selling the right product to the wrong customer is too big a risk for any company to bear.

If your organisation is looking for a simple product commercialization plan, we finally found each other.

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Business case and financial plan development

Work with our team of analysts to select a viable business model from a wide range of business options in the market. Set up your investments for success with a business case that provides realistic projections, a sound cost-benefit analysis and valid proof of demand and supply chain feasibility

Work with our team of analysts to select a viable business model

Business models can look attractive on the surface but possess real danger on the inside if hinged on wrong insights and flawed financial assumptions. If your organisation is looking for a simple business case for your investment ideas, we finally found each other.

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Prototyping and piloting services

Listen-evolve goes also works with organisations to set up pilot projects aimed at verifying information around business models, go-to-market and distribution strategies before kick-starting the project.

Consumer and competitor analysis

Be the brand that disrupts your industry by staying ahead of consumer trends investing in superior competitive intelligence. Delighting the customer starts with staying on top of their needs and changing preferences. Work with the Listen-evolve team to build analytic capabilities across all stages of the customer journey.

Our promise is summarised in the words of Warren Buffet “we have never seen a brand that delights the customer and does not succeed”. Work with us to redefine your consumer experience and competitive intelligence today!

When the customer comes first, the customer will last.
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