Unlock growth; invest in technology that delivers the value your market needs. Many of your competitors are still clinging on to old trends and outdated technologies

Unlock Growth

Arise and lead!
Using current technologies

Listen-evolve’s Go Digital Catalyst offers a trusted digital advisory board to guide and de-risk SME digital initiatives, step by step.

We deploy an incubation model, guiding each digital project patiently until the change sticks. We bring together Uganda’s most experienced ICT and strategy advisors to help organisations make the best of your digital transition.

Going Digital? Go Now!

With the disruptive tides of the covid pandemic still lingering, you want to be the brand that re-invents itself fastest and turns new trends into opportunities.

  • The best time to go digital is now!

  • Deliver a better customer experience powered with intelligent web and mobile apps
  • Build a superior online selling machine powered by ecommerce and social
  • Gain better operations analytics and AI-powered market intelligence
  • Transform workflows, and win with workforce productivity
  • Streamline communications with our seamless database solutions
Culture leads the adoption of technology. Our ability to innovate depends on the impatience of our culture. Deloitte

Our services to make you stand out.

We leverage the power of emerging technologies; AI, Social, Blockchain, Analytics and Cloud to help your businesses redefine competition in their industry.


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