Go To Market Sprint

Execute your market entry plan with insight and clarity. Work with a trusted team of business advisors to study the market for your product, survey customers, and develop a concrete investment plan.

Execute your market entry plan with insight and clarity

Whether you are planning new investments or building a start-up, listen-evolve’s go to market blueprint will simplify business modelling and financial planning to make your vision happen, now.

Starting a business always comes with doubts and hard-hitting questions;

  • Is this the right business?

  • Is there a market potential for it?

  • What business model will guarantee the best returns?

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do Michael E Potter

Listen-evolve’s Go to market sprint offers solid market insight and business modelling support for entrepreneurs daring into new markets. Businesses can access a mix of market research, customer analysis, business modelling and detailed financial planning services matched with their investment level.

Startup package

Start-ups can work with us to weigh market opportunities, research niche customer groups, and develop business model assumptions.

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Market expansion package

Established businesses entering new markets can work with us to evaluate attractiveness of new markets, examine potential competition on new offerings, develop concrete business models, and investment proposals

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M&A Package

Businesses developing a merger and acquisition strategy can with us to profile target businesses, assess the market environment, weigh market opportunities and conduct due diligence on target acquisitions

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